Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Queen Makes Some Calls

A young queen with painted dots on her cheeks
Contacted the Trade Federations’ sheiks
“You will soon be made
To end this blockade.”
She informed the Neimoidian freaks.

“We don’t know what you are talking about,”
Said Nute Gunray, a cowardly being sans snout,
“You look very regal
But, our boycott is legal,
And the Senate will approve it, no doubt.”

As soon as the Queen hung up the phone
And the Neimoidians were sure they were alone, 
Nute said, “Now is the time
For our nefarious crime,
C’mon, we’ve a queen to dethrone.

Meanwhile on the planet Naboo,
The Queen tried to put a call through
To Coruscant’s Chancellor
But the Federation cancelled her.
Communications planet wide were askew.

“They don’t get any message we’re sending
We must defend from the invasion impending,”
Said the queen’s top advisor.
Nobody was wiser
But the queen favored olive branch extending.