Saturday, April 30, 2011

Treaty At the Temple Ruins

Jar Jar led his friends through the glade
To the place where the Gungans stayed.
Jar Jar gave a whistle,
The bushes did bristle,
And out came Captian Tarpals’ brigade.

The Captain was now at a loss
This intrusion was making him cross.
Jar Jar smiled weakly
And then he spoke meekly,
“Weesa comin’ ta see the Boss?”

He brought the group before Boss Nass
To explain why they dared to trespass.
Boss Nass placed the blame
Of why the droid army came
On the Naboo and the Jedi en masse.

They were about to be turned into soup
When Padme stepped out from the troop.
“This decoy’s a screen,
I am the real queen.
And we’ll need to work together as a group.”

“We’ve lived here in peace all this time.
But thanks to this Federation slime,
To put up a resistance,
We need your assistance
Can you help put to justice this crime?”

Boss was moved by the queen’s humble pleas.
Padme even got down on her knees.
“We thought you were pompous,
But the droid army will stomp us,
If we don’t start being friends,” Boss agrees.

Next time: The Battle Plan 

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