Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Mess With Sebulba

Qui Gon contacted his pupil, Obi Wan.
To see if the ship had anything thereon
to trade and do barter
For a hyperdrive starter
But there wasn’t enought there to pawn.

Our heroes walked along past a deli.
Jar Jar wanted to fill his poor belly.
Swiped a treat with his tongue
But he slipped and it flung
Splattering an angry customer with jelly.

The victim leaped out like a fiend,
Feeling abased and abused and demeaned.
Grabbed the Gungan and grilled him
And probably woulda’ killed him
Had Anakin Skywalker not intervened.

“Be careful, Sebulba,” Ani chided
To the Dug with self assurance he prided.
“He’s got a powerful friend
Who would see to your end
It would be a shame to get him excited.”

Sebulba threatened Ani to watch his back.
He’d repay him on the podrace track.
Noting him as a foe,
He let Jar Jar go
Just this once he would cut them some slack.

“Around here you must watch where you step.”
Said young Anakin, street savvy and hep.
“You must get back to your craft.
Are you feeling that draft?
We’re about to get sanded and windswept.”

They paused in one of Mos Espa’s alleys
To buy a kind of fruit they called “pallies”.
“Storm’s coming, Ani,
Better hurry your fanny
And get indoors  before the sandstorm rallies.”

The storm came so suddenly, leaving no time
To make it all the way back in this clime.
To wait out this maelstrom
He’d take them home to his mom
And hurry...the wind was reaching it’s prime.

Next time: Mama Skywalker

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