Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anakin Meets Padme

While Watto and Qui Gon went out back
Anakin seemed somewhat taken aback.
In Padme’s presence he basked.
“Are you an angel?” he asked.
Padme laughed and she smiled just a crack.

“Well you sure are a funny little man.
I’ve never heard of angels,” she began.
“I’d know if I see one,
Therefore you must be one.”
Said the boy, her new number one fan.

Padme learned that the boy was a slave
Owned by Hutts and now Watto’s lucky knave.
To be owned seemed so odd,
It should be outlawed
Thought Padme, but the boy acted brave.

They were cut off by Jar Jar’s commotion.
He’d activated a droid without a notion.
It scrambled about
Until Jar Jar hit the snout
Jar Jar truly was a fish without ocean.

Next time: Haggling with Watto

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