Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ani Leaves Home

Collecting the new parts from the loser,
They returned to the Nubian cruiser.
Obi Wan then prepares
To start the repairs.
No mechanic, but beggars can’t be chosers.

Qui Gon said, “I’ve got to go back.”
“That kid had the Jedi Knight knack.”
He returned to inform
“Another pathetic life form”
That he was free, and to run and go pack.

When he told the Skywalkers the news
A bittersweet moment ensues.
Ani’s glad to be free
But what about Shmi?
Qui Gon tried , Watto would only refuse.

“My son, you must go with this man.
I’ll stay here and do the best that I can.
Jedi skills you’ll be gaining.
Go work hard at your training.
And know I’ll always be your biggest fan.”

The little boy started to cry
But he knew that he must say goodbye.
“Someday I will see you
When I come back to free you”
Even the old Jedi had a tear in his eye.

Next time: Darth Maul Strikes!