Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Past the Blockade

Dodging laser fire from the hangar door
The Naboo cruiser took off with a roar.
They sped through the sky
And continued to fly
Straight towards the blockade ships and war.

Knowing clumsiness could lead to their doom
Obi Wan confined Jar Jar to a small room.
“Here you must stay,
Don’t get in the way.”
And he left Jar Jar there in the gloom.

Jar Jar’s attention was soon enjoyed
By a quintet of astromech droids.
Until the lights all flashed red
When the shields went dead
And the ship saving astromechs deployed.

They made repairs outside of the ship,
Using feet with handy magnetic grip.
One by one they were blasted,
Until only one lasted,
The R2 unit worked with a bleep and blip.

And at last the shields were restored.
Past the blockade the Naboo cruiser soared
But their progress was barred
Cuz’ the hyperdrive was charred
So off to Tattooine to get the ship restored

Next time: Enter Darth Maul

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