Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enter Darth Maul

In a conference call with the Sith Lord
The Neimoidian commanders were implored
“Viceroy, find that ship,
I don’t want any lip.
Don’t leave any location unexplored.”

“But sir, they are out of our range.
And we think their destination has changed.”
“Then effective forthwith
This is a job for a Sith!
Meet my apprentice, he has horns and he’s strange.”

The hologram faded and closed.
Nute Gunray was neither cool or composed.
“I think we will rue this,
Now there are TWO Sith!”
If the Jedi find out, then we’re hosed!”

Meanwhile on the ship from Naboo,
Amidala was commending Artoo
The Queen gave a royal
“My, aren’t you loyal?”
And bid Artoo Deetoo adieu.

The Jedi and the Queen then made a plan
On what they would do when they land.
The Captain from Theed
Said he disagreed
Tatooine was crawling with Hutts and sand.

Next time: Tatooine

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