Friday, April 22, 2011

Ani Catches Up

A few tries and finally ignition.
Full throttle with youthful ambition!
Then using the Force,
He sped through the course,
Dodging a Tusken Raider firing munition.

Moving up from the back of the pack
Sometime flying through debris and flak
But lessening the meters
Between him and the leaders
He was mounting a spectacular comeback.

As the pods passed the stands for lap one,
Shmi searched the track for her son.
Hearing familiar hums,
Padme yelled, “Here he comes!”
Two more laps to go til it’s done.

He was now sixth after starting out last
More than half of the racers he’d passed.
Flashing vents, bumping fenders
He caught up to the contenders
The ones whom Sebulba harassed.

After two laps we had a good race
Though Sebulba was still in first place.
But hot on his heels,
Anakin steals
The momentum and keeps up the chase.

Sebulba bumped Ani off track
With an underhanded cheater attack.
The boy flew through the sky
It was almost too high,
Then he swooped past Sebulba...”I’m ba-ack!”

Next time: Victory!

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