Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Following the short hyperspace jaunt,
The silver ship arrived at Coruscant.
Not itty bitty
The whole world was city,
The center of the galactic entente.

As Anakin took in the scene,
They greeted Senator Palpatine.
“After this greeting,
The Senate is meeting,
To hear a report from the Queen.”

Palpatine imparted some wisdom
About the flaws inherent in the system
“I see some complications
With this unwieldy ‘League of Nations’
They only care about what benefits them.”

When asked if they had Valorum on their side
Palpatine closed his eyes and he sighed.
“The Chancellor will flub it
He’s only a puppet
He means well, but his weak hands are tied.”

The queen asked, “What trouble did befall him?”
“The bureaucrats worked hard to stonewall him.”
Palpatine was precise
As he gave this advice:
“Well I suppose we could vote to recall him.”

Next time: The Jedi Council

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