Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Saga Begins...

A long time ago and far faraway,
a story was told of an epic space fray.
The good and the bad
In the life of a lad,
How he was lost but then found his way.

The story begins out in the cold of space
With two creatures of the Neimoidian race,
Questionable men of space trade
Imposing a blockade
And curiously devoid of a nose on their face.

On their command ship they welcomed aboard
Two Jedi (galactic peacekeepers, with sword).
Qui Gon Jinn was the older,
and Obi Wan at his shoulder,
Their mission: to see the trade routes restored.

The Neimoidians shivered with fear.
The Jedi weren’t supposed to be here.
Like two snakes in the grass
They gassed ‘em with gas
And sent in a droid to give the “All’s clear.”

The Jedi were good at holding their breath
Which was helpful in avoiding certain death.
It was still quite a chore
To cut through the door
And emerge in the corridor, Oh yeth! (Pardon the temporary lisp)

Their escape drew the Neimoidian’s ire
The destroyer droids then opened fire.
Outnumbered and out-gunned,
The two Jedi runned
And along the way a few droids they did retire.

They escaped down the ventilation shaft
Amazed at the army the Federation staffed.
To warn the Naboo
Was the Jedi thing to do
So they stowed away on separate landing craft.

Next time: The Queen Makes Some Calls...


  1. Excellent!I loved the temporary lisp. : D

  2. I look forward to the next limerick on queen Amidala. :)

  3. Thanks, it will be up later today.

  4. Thank you. I remember our limerick topic at Blue Harvest. Ever since then I've wanted to do a complete retelling of the story this way.