Friday, April 29, 2011

The Return To Naboo

Ani was told to ‘watch and learn’
No “training” but the boy could discern
What he was conveying
If Ani was paying
Attention as Qui Gon’s intern.

They met at the ship clad in chrome,
Again ‘cross the stars they would roam,
It was back to Naboo.
Jar Jar shouted, “Yahoo!
“Wessa be goin’ back home!”

Sidious was leaving no doubts
With his Neimoidian pawns without snouts.
“You must kill them all,
But I’m sending Darth Maul
To deal with the Jedi standouts.”

The Naboo pilot gave Ani some tips
About flying on these deep space trips.
Ani caught on quick
These things seemed to click
The boy seemed right at home aboard ships.

Qui Gon reminded the Naboo
He could only protect, not pursue.
The Queen had a plan,
That involved the frog man.
Jar Jar would have to come through.

In the swamp where the ship touched down,
Jar Jar headed for his Gungan hometown.
But when he got there
He found it was bare
And so he returned with a frown.

They could tell by the look on his face
The Gungans were not at their base.
But they hadn’t been captured
Or secretly raptured,
They fled to a Gungan hiding place.

Next time: Treaty At the Temple Ruins

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