Friday, April 8, 2011

Otoh Gunga City

To the waters edge Jar Jar did take
The two Jedi, and then he spake,
“Weesa going in.”
And did a half spin,
Then the three of them jumped in the lake.

Breathing apparatuses made swimming no trouble
As the trio approached a glowing bubble
They squeezed through its skin
And “pop” they were in
But surrounded by guards on the double.

They were taken to a large Gungan named Boss
Whose cheeks shook when he was cross
He said, “You must go,
Here, take this bongo.
It’s faster to go through than across.”

They took a straight route through the core,
Each fish bigger than the one they saw before.
Jar Jar he did cower 
When the bongo lost power
His poor heart just couldn’t take it much more.

Obi Wan fixed the power, Jar Jar said,"We're dead!"
And true danger did indeed lie up ahead.
An ugly fish face
Started to give chase
But was eaten by a bigger fish instead.

Next time: Welcome to Theed

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