Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Jedi Council

Qui Gon reported to the Council Twelve.
Into lore and legend this delved.
Long considered a myth,
The return of the Sith
Would cause other concerns to be shelved.

Until the Sith’s motives were seen,
The Jedi must protect the Queen.
Oh, and one more thing,
Or rather a youngling...
What did his midi-chlorian count mean?

Yoda said the boy must be tested
Before too much hope was invested.
He may be the source
That would balance the Force
At least that’s what the prophecy suggested.

A debate in the Senate did ensue
Regarding the situation on Naboo.
But the galaxy’s leaders
Had rules and procedures
Many that were devoid of virtue.

Amidala said, “We need help NOW!”
No time for committees to plow
Through all the red tape.
We are in dire shape.
We must have resolution somehow.”

If this body cannot move to take action
Because of the Trade Federation faction,
Then I’m left with no choice
But to fight with my voice...
I move for the Chancellor’s retraction.”

The Senate was in an uproar.
Bail Organa then took the floor.
“We second the motion
Despite his devotion,
The Chancellor is effective no more.”

Next time: Anakin’s Test

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