Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watto Takes the Bait

The queen’s handmaiden disagreed
About the best way to proceed
“To trust this boy with our fate
Is an idea that I hate.”
But Qui Gon said she’d have to concede.

So they went to Watto with their offer
And he changed from schemer to scoffer
It wasn’t long to wait
until he took the bait,
Watto dreamed of a very full coffer.

Ani showed off his lil’ racing pod
Jar Jar blundered again like a clod
With a flash and a flicker
He ZAPPED his poor licker
While the onlookers laughed and guffawed.

When Jar Jar was done playing the jerk
Ani started up the pod with a smirk
With engines a-fired
His craft was admired
They were beginning to think this might work!

That night Qui Gon took a small reading
From a scratch on Ani’s arm that was bleeding
Midi-chlorians explode-ah
He had more than Yoda!
Jedi training, this boy was sure needing!

Next time: Race Day!

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