Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mama Skywalker

Anakin brought the four strangers home,
A small hovel made of clay, topped with dome.
With big widened eyes
His mom showed surprise
But graciously offered, “Shalom!”

Anakin introduced those he’d befriended.
Qui Gon apologized if their presence offended.
But Shmi acted nice
And Ani broke the ice
By showing them the droid that he’d mended.

Qui Gon Jin didn’t want to intrude.
He told Shmi that they brought their own food.
He complimented her boy
And her eyes shone with joy.
She wondered how Ani’s “talents” would be viewed.

“He’s a protocol droid” Anakin showed.
He took the droid out of sleep mode.
One eye lit with a glow,
“My name’s C3PO,
Human - Cyborg relations,” he crowed.

“I’m building a pod for the races,”
Said Ani to four impressed faces.
Artoo beeped and he cooed,
Saying Threepio was nude,
Parts were showing in improper places.

Next Time: Found By the Sith

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