Monday, April 18, 2011

Found By the Sith

Meanwhile back at the ship, Obi Wan
Viewing a fuzzy transmission
Naboo still was beset
With the droids that upset
The way things were typically done.

“Naboo has been sacked and assailed”
Amidala’s top advisor wailed,
“P.S. Please write back,
We are starting to crack...”
Then the hologram flickered then failed.

Obi saw through the plea as a trick,
Though the queen appeared visibly sick.
They sent no reply
Yet somehow a spy
Traced the message and trouble grew thick.

The Sith had located their prey
Darth Maul longed for some decent swordplay
“I’ll take out the Jedi
And when they are dead I
Will bring the queen back here, ok?”

Darth Sidious praised his right hand.
It was happening just like they planned
Revenge they’d have yet
And then they would get
The Republic under their own command.

Next time: Anakin Can Help

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