Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sebulba was seriously ticked.
He had some more tricks to inflict.
He got back in front
By pulling a stunt
But Ani was hard to predict.

The final stretch was neck and neck.
Sebulba tried one last cheap peck.
But it didn’t work out
He went spinning about
And Sebulba was the one who did wreck.

Ani crossed the finish line alone.
The crowd cheered a deafening tone.
They hoisted him high
This teeny little guy
Was amazing, the race that he’d flown

Watto was not near as pleased.
“I think that you cheated,” he wheezed.
But he’d have to be nuts
To take it up with the Hutts
So he freed the boy, his servitude ceased.

Back in the shadows undiscovered
A Sith probe droid watched while it hovered
The nasty machine
Recorded the scene
Then flew back to the Sith to be recovered.

Next time: Ani Leaves Home

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