Friday, April 15, 2011

Haggling with Watto

Watto wrung his hands, it was clear he was greedy,
A mischievous grin and black eyes that were beady.
“Right here is the part
Makes your hyperdrive start
Open your wallet and try to make it speedy.”

“The price I will charge may seem like a rip.
In fact you may as well buy a new ship.
And how will you pay
For your purchase today?
Keep in mind I only take Tatooine scrip.

The Jedi said, “I’ve twenty thousand credit...”
But was cut off as soon as he’d said it.
“Let me make myself clear,
Republic credit’s no good out here,”
Said the Toydarian, voice as firm as he could get it.

Qui Gon still had a trick up his sleeve,
One that works on the slow and naive.
He waved his hand with a smirk
And said his credits would work
But the Toydarian still didn’t believe.

“Who do you think you are, sonny?
A Jedi Knight? Ha! Now that’s funny!
You are crazy mystics
With your waves and your tricks,
They don’t work on a Toydarian, only money!”

Watto’s prices were akin to theiving,
And rather than whining and greiving,
Qui Gon said to his group,
“I won’t take Watto’s poop.
Jar Jar, put that thing down, we are leaving.”

When his shoppers had left and withdrawn
Watto saw his young assistant yawn.
He was shrewd and he was smart
But he did have a heart.
“Clean the racks, boy, and then you be gone!”

Next time: Don’t Mess with Sebulba

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